We give metal a second chance

We know that the earth doesn’t offer a limitless supply of resources, which is why Eco’s recycled frames are crafted using 95% recycled metal. That’s a serious saving on natural resources!

From seeds to frames?

The short answer – yes! But it’s actually a little bit more sophisticated than that. To create our biobased frames, castor seeds are turned into castor seed oil and then pellets, which make up a big part of our biobased material.

We believe that big changes are made one step at a time. This is why we’re continuously working to increase the percentage of castor seed oil in our frames.

Soak up the fall sun

Just because it’s fall it doesn’t mean that you can’t pull off a nice pair of eco friendly sunnies!

The Eco promise isn’t just for frames…

…our cases and packaging minimize our footprint too. The fabric of each case and clip-on sleeve uses recycled PET, and, of course, all outer packaging and inserts are made of recycled paper.

This is not a plastic bag

We’ve re-invented the protective bags that house Eco frames, making them from natural fibers. It’s much friendlier to the planet than traditionally-used plastic bags – and 100% biodegradable. We hope others will follow our lead!

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