Our materials


Our goal is to find the solution most respectful to our environment, while never compromising on design, quality, or comfort. That's why we only make eyewear from sustainable materials, and designs that last, year after year.

It all starts with castor seeds, which are first turned into castor seed oil. This oil is then used as the base material for our pellets, which make up the core of our Biobased material. Our polarized sun clip-on attachment is available for all glasses made from this sustainable material.
Recycled metal
Using Recycled metal reduces waste and pollution, saves energy, and minimizes mining emissions. Additionally, it can be recycled further without the material losing any strength or properties. Our polarized sun clip-on attachment made from Biobased material is available for all glasses made of Recycled metal.
Ocean plastic
It's estimated that our oceans contain between 75 and 199 million metric tons of plastic. By collecting, recycling, and reusing ocean plastic waste, we create a sustainable material while reducing pollution, greenhouse gases, and energy consumption.
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