...but not when it comes to the emission of CO₂. That's why we’re proud to announce that our mission of planting trees has led us to become one of the very first carbon negative eyewear brands in the world!

What does this mean, exactly? Unlike being carbon neutral, where CO₂ emissions are compensated at a ratio of one to one, we're carbon negative. This means that our efforts in reducing carbon emissions by planting trees actually surpass neutrality and that our trees clean out more CO₂ than our eyewear production creates.

Our 360° sustainable approach
Because when it comes to sustainability, every detail counts.

Sustainability isn't just for frames. Our cases and packaging minimize our footprint too. That's why the fabric of each case and cleaning cloth is made from recycled PET.

In our production, recycling is a recurring theme. We only use recycled paper for all printed materials, inserts, and outer packaging.

Our biodegradable transport bag is made from 100% cornstarch. It might not look like much, but it's actually the first of its kind in the eyewear industry!

Our demo lenses are made from 99% recycled plastic while ensuring the same quality, strength and clarity as lenses made from virgin plastic. The result is yet another reduction of our carbon footprint and less waste entering the world’s landfills and oceans.

We’re proud of our frames and want to show them off. And when we do, we display them on trays and stands made of 100% FSC certified bamboo or recycled paper.
“I am extremely excited to add this very fundamental element of carbon negativity to our already sustainable Eco brand. We are the only eyewear brand in the world to offer virtually every sustainable eyewear and packaging material and now we are also carbon negative! We have become the brand that gives back more than what it takes. What an incredible feeling for our customers and final consumers, knowing that by purchasing our products they’ll contribute positively to the environment! It is a very proud milestone for all of us at Eco!”

Alessandro Lanaro, MODO Group CEO

Caring is also sustainable

We believe that being sustainable is not only about the materials we choose, but also how we care for the things we have. Read on to learn how to best clean your glasses – to make them last as long as possible.


Wash your hands and then rinse your glasses in lukewarm water.


Use a small amount of gentle and alcohol-free dishwashing liquid and gently rub it around the frame and lenses.


Rinse the frames again and then dry them off with a clean cleaning cloth.


From castor seeds to sustainable eyewear.

Recycled metal

Crafted using 95% recycled metal.

Ocean plastic

Collected and recycled plastic waste.